Aleksey Titov

Computer Science, Math, Robotics & Game Development

Contact information

Tel: +7 961 685 82-18


In 2017 graduated from the VSTU with distinction
in the direction “Informatics and Computer Science”.

Bachelor work is devoted to developing of the autonomous navigation system
for anthropomorphic robot based on data, obtained from RGB-D camera.
Additional information about this work available via this link.


Machine Learning

Completed 2 courses of specialization “Machine Learning and Data Analisys” on Coursera:

Familiar with basic models, methods и features of machine learning “with teacher”.
I work with Python & scikit-learn.

Now I almost completed Deep Learning course on Udacity (ud730). Thanks to this course, I familiar at the basic level with neural networks concepts and able to build and train one.

Computer Vision

I Worked with the Stereo Matching method.
I came to the conclusion that, this method is quite demanding to cameras quality and environment.
Now I am working for autonomous robot navigation based on SLAM algorithms and RGB-D camera.

Math & Algorithms

At a good level familiar with the basic sections of higher mathematics.
At the moment I am improving my knowledge on the training list from ШАД’а.
In my free time I solve olympiad problems.
Also as far as I can take part in contests on CodeForces.


Well familiar with Ruby 2.2.4 & Rails 4.2.
I wrote one big and very interesting project with Rails (check projects section).
Also on the basic level is familiar with HTML5, CSS3 и JavaScript 5.

System Programming

I work with 2 OS:
Windows 10

Ubuntu 14.04

Mobile apps programming

I have little experience of developing simple apps for Android with Java and for Windows Phone with C#.

Technical skills


Speach languages

Русский - my main language.
English - I understand the text well, and use this language in my work, for writing articles & document code. But my speech & listen skill are much lower. So I need some practice with them.

Some of my projects

You can see full list by this link.

AI - Project

Game session

Status: partially finished
Technologies: Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JS
Description: It is web app, which allows you to conquer in AI realization for your unit,
who will fight with unit under control AI of your rival.
Multiplayer with real players and solo game with bots are available.
Role in the project: This project is completely designed and created by one person - me.
At the beginning of this way, I know nothing about web development. Altrough I was very interested how other people make their cool and interesting web apps.
In the process of project implementation I mastered Rails, HTML, CSS и JS & some web tricks.
The project took a long time with all my perseverance.
And in the end, I managed to bring it up to a decent view.
You can play by this link:
Code of this project is open and available by link:

Humanoid autonomous navigation

Status: almost finished
Technologies / skills: ROS, C++, Research
Aim: is to develop autonomous navigation system for anthropomorphic robot.
Description: as SLAM-algorithm realization was choosed rtabmap on ROS and Kinect as data source.
My own task is to process global trajectory for robot.
I fixed bag in module footstrap_planner, which allow to build trajectory in form of sequence of foot steps of robot.
And after I wrote additional module, I managed to run footstep planning based on obstacles map from rtabmap.
Also I developed my own planner based on path-finding algorithm A*.
Additional information about this work availdable via this link:
trajectory_planner, developed by me available in repository LetsPlayNow/TrajectoryPlanner

Speech for robot

Status: in process
Technologies: Python
Aim: is to create linguistic AI for robot.
Robot must speak and more or less adequate to engage in dialogue.
At this moment speech control for robot is done (commands “move”, “stay”, “silent” and others)
Also robot can hold a simple conversation with someone.


Now I experiment with TensorFlow and get knowledge of discrete mathematics
with the help of online courses on the Stepik and Udacity.
In my free time I solve olympic problems on CodeForces using Python or sometimes C++.
I like implement complex algorithms. Especially if these algorithms lies in the field of weak AI.
Now I read book of Tim Jones “AI Application Programming”.

Also I like big ‘must-have’ books because of volume of qualitative knowledge I get from them.
In my to-read list:

Also, whenever possible, I watch lectures and courses on topics of interest to me.
For example, on Machine learning, Game Theory, Discrete Math and Linear Algebra.

Sometimes I play with my Orange PI and build small electronic circuits for fun.


I am advanced amateur bicyclist.